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Implant Titanium Bar Overdenture

*A special ID# will help you or Us to track your case. Example : Jonh_Doe_#30


Our removable implant solutions provide you with reliable restorations that utilize the latest technology for a reasonable and consistent price. Implant overdentures are indicated for patients who desire a more stable prosthesis that improves retention, function and speech.


Utilizing the very latest technology in computer-aided design and manufacturing, the Inclusive® Tooth Replacement System (TRS) Locator® Bar Overdenture features a CAD/CAM-milled bar for distributing occlusal loads more evenly across four or more implants, making it ideal for patients with a heavy bite or when the implants have been placed in softer bone.


Based on crown type used, see : E.Max, Bruxzir, Layered Zirconia Crowns, PFM, and Full-Cast

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