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It's so simple and easy! Origin Dental Solution use a system call LabStar to receive cases. LabStar is simple and cloud-based system that allows to upload cases directly through website.
There's no need to shipping the cases to our facility, therefore you will receive your case faster!
Request for New Account

Please download following attached PDF file for starting new case with us!

We will use the information provided client information to create new account, and you will receive an email of your ID and Password for you to use. Or you could simply call us to set up your account!

Start Today!

Digitally Upload Cases

Upload your case digitally! Origin Dental Solution uses a "digital dropbox" system that allows you to upload your STL files easily and fast.

After setting up your account with us, we could set up a dropbox folder at your request. You could also email us your STL files with the patient's name and required material at For more information please call our office.

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